Saturday, 3 December 2016


Good morning, how are you all? You may have  noticed its been a while since I was active on my blog, thank goodness for the schedule function!!!

 At the end of October my darling other half, was in a truck accident, he luckily walked away with a fractured neck, and we have a long road till he is back to do what he normally does. But it has thrown me for a loop, how quickly things can change, it pointed out things that need to be in place that need to be done ( always figured we are too young to worry about things like that). It also showed that I dont take enough photos of my love, and I stress too much about little things, not the important things :( 

So I have taken time over the last month not trying to stress about the small things, in between running around to 1000 appointments and seriously trying to get life back into our new 'normal'.  Also I think my blog will change a little too, with sharing some everyday ''normal'' things in between the scrappy things, as then a way to document and always have something on ''paper'' in the digi world.

DH with his new neck companion......

With that its time to get back into the swing of things , that means also finding some sort of mojo so any suggestions will be great !!! 

Till next time, have a creative day 



  1. oh Rikki, so sorry to hear about this. Hope DH recovers quickly.xx

  2. Thank god for modern technology! 30 years ago he would have been in hospital flat on his back in traction for 12 months!
    Maybe playing around with your inks might do the trick!

  3. Oh Rikki my hubby is a truckie also and everyday you know when they are out there it is a huge job. I do hope things get into a good sort of normal for you all soon and you find there are so many joys in everyday moments.. My prayers for you all..

  4. Sorry you've been having a tough time Rikki - it's a worry when serious illness takes over our lives. Good to see you are trying to get your head above water and reframe the situation, so that you get more photos of your DH and treasure the everyday moments. It's a lesson which I constantly need to re-learn. As for the mojo - I find that having a blitz in my s/crap room, tossing out stuff I'm never going to use and tidying everything, often gives me a few insights about what to do next. Prayers for you all :D