Journal Cover Step by Step

How to do a Finnabair style journal cover. 

Step 1 and 2: I am doing a front cover of a journal to make it easier to manipulate and create your front cover, use chipboard. Trace around the front cover and cut to the same size as your journal. Find a 6x6 stencil as your main background feature, texture paste it and dry it with a heat gun.

Step 3: Using another template picking something that adds interest and doesn’t distract from your main stencil, the new Crafters Workshop Well Rounded is a great choice as it has 9 different styles in the one 12x12 template.

Step 4: Don’t forget to do the edges in a random fashion with texture paste. When drying with a heat gun remember to also dry on the underside of the piece this will stop the chipboard warping and the texture paste bubbling.

Step 5: Grab a selection of brass charms, washers and any other metal object that you would like to create interest. Don’t forget ribbons and trims are a great way to add texture. Once you are happy with the position of your objects then stick them down with glossy accents and dry with a heat gun.

Step 6: Paint the whole thing with white gesso this will also allow you to focus on the charms and add to it page if you need more don’t forget to gesso if you add more.

Step 7: At this stage you can have two options; paint with a metallic paint as long as the paint dries with a waxy/ plastic look. If you want don’t want it to be metallic jump to step 8.

Step 8 and 9: Once you have dried your gold layer use Dylusion mists and start with your darkest colour (Brown) and mist the centre of your clusters and then the centre of the journal. Then dry with a heat gun it will make dull down and give you an older look to the gold. Then mist with your first bold colour (red) starting in the bottom LHS corner and also in the centre of the top RHS cluster.

 Dry with a heat gun and repeat the misting step with the red again. This allows the colours to be in shades so dull and bright.

Step 10: Use your third colour your highlight colour (orange) find an area that you would like to highlight and allow it to dry naturally.

Step 11 and 12: While waiting on your highlight colour to dry if you have a spiral bound journal paint the edge from the spiral and your edges with gold approx. 1cm and then mist with your 3 colours to help blend your chipboard cover to your journal. Dry with heat gun.

Once that is dry time, to adhere your cover onto the journal, using a lot of Glossy Accents.  To hold into position while you are waiting for it to dry use bull dog clips.

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