Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Crazy with Alexandra Renke

 Good morning how are you? I have here to share with you layout for Alexandra Renke and I have to say it was a labour of love this layout but at the same time its very relaxing and calming sort of like a mediation..... yes before you ask each rhinestone has being individually stuck on with glue and some patience.

 You will see this technique appear next week with the same impactful layout- trust me its all worth it.


                            Designpaper 'Abstract watercolours violet'

                        Design paper 'Music Flower Magic Dark Purple'

Monday, 19 October 2020

Discover New Places

 Good morning, my sleep is trying to kill me from the lack of it? Does that make any sense, rather toss and turn about the fact that I should be sleeping I thought I pop in and do a quick blog post and just start my day early... this might bite me tonight as hubby is flying in. Might have to do a nanna nap.....

#227/365 &  #228/365

 Uniquely Creative Steampunk Safari, Dusty Attic Chipboard, Tim Holtz Tickets, Tim Holtz Oxides, Scrapboys Butterflies.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Bruce Rock

Double trouble ? Not really when it comes to doing a layout, its a great way to show casing loads of photos especially from events or trips a kinda project life style layout, all the basic rules still apply when doing scrapping it just you have more space.

#225/365 & #226/365

Kaisercraft Paper, Uniquely Creative Steam Punk Safari, Dusty Attic Chipboard, Board Chipboard Unknown Your Creative Wings Chains, Tim Holtz Oxides

Till next time have a creative day

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Vintage Ride

 So I have to say I am trying consistently get back into my scrapping and blogging routine, they say it takes 60 days to form consistent habits for it to be normal... good or bad mind you I really think it takes less time to go from the consistent to nothing, mind you it might be what is going on with the world... its a constant distraction isnt it? 

Well hopefully you can help me get back on track as I only really started from the end of September 4 weeks in and I am not feeling the difference.....



Uniquely Creative Steampunk Safari Papers, Thickers, Studio Light Papers


13 @rts papers, Finnabar Paper, Scrapmatts Chipboard, Dusty Attic Chipboard,

Tim Holtz Oxides

Friday, 16 October 2020


 Good morning how are you? Just a quick pop in this fine Friday and theres nothing too spectacular about these layouts but the point is that not all layouts need to be complicated, with toughs of work in them maybe a quite 15 minute layout is all you can manage after all its all about preserving memories and get your albums  done right? 


49 & Market Papers, Mintay Wing Fussy Cut Book, 13@rts Papers and Stickers


49 & Market Papers, Mintay Flora Fussy Cut Book, 13@rts Papers 

Thursday, 15 October 2020


 Has there ever been a collection that you thought nah not for me but you ended up buying cause it kinda tied into what you had photos wise? Well this is the case with this collection from Uniquely Creative Steampunk Safari....

I couldnt understand why you would need a rhino and elephant with steam punk. 

Well I officially stand here say you do need these things !!! This kit I have loved working with, I really miss it now its all gone and I do mean ALL gone, to the point to make it last I blended a heap of different brands to make it last a little longer - I know I need help lol.

But the fact that its so versatile is what makes it work, just scroll down to see what I am talking about.


Uniquely Creative Steampunk Safari, Scrapmatts Chipboard, Charms 


Uniquely Creative Steampunk Safari, Your Creative Wings Chipboard,  Dusty Attic Chipboard, Mintay Wings Fussy cutting book, Studio Light Papers, Tim Holtz Oxides, Charms 

Till next time have a creative day