Saturday 30 May 2020

Love your Smile

Hi, how are you? Me I am plodding along with a layout a day, mine you I am feeling like I am not achieving or maybe I am not feeling it.... maybe social isolation is making me feel like that. But with Western Australia lifting some restrictions I hope that going to a 12 hr crop today fixes this.... we will see.

I should complain we are nearly half way through the year and I have to say 152 layouts isnt something to be complaining about. How are your creative works going?


Friday 29 May 2020

Capture the Everyday .....

Good morning how are you? Well today is my birthday.... the big 40th.... mind you with what is going on in the world I have to say this is not how I saw my Birthday being... I had planned to go out and celebrate get my new tattoo and ring it in with style... instead I am doing nothing and seeing no one and that makes it another day doesnt it? Well things are out of our control atm so rather than get upset time to embrace it hey?


Thursday 28 May 2020

Bunny Love

Good morning .... ok I promise this is the last Easter layouts using this collection...... but what an amazing collection with Studio 73 A Touch of Spring.


Wednesday 27 May 2020


Good morning how are you? Myself with my scrapping I seem to be going through a graphic stage, a couple of photos, not a lot of embellishment in a grid shape...... I tend to go through stages like this... wonder how long it will last?


Tuesday 26 May 2020

Love this moment - with Alexandra Renke

Good morning how are you ? I cant believe we are at the end of the month !!! Even though the last couple of months feel like a blur..... and days blend into another. My birthday is in a couple of days and its my 40th, and I have to say its not how I envisioned my 40th to be but at least its memorable... 

Today I am sharing with you a layout using the amazing Alexandra Renke Floral Collection and I have to admit these papers have been in my collection for a while, just waiting on some perfect photos which I finally have. 

The pattern paper is amazing - you really dont need to do anything to it, just stick a photo and go. But wheres the fun in that? I love to chop it up and blend things together.... why dont you give it a go?


Design paper 'roses in glasses international'

Design paper 'rose flowers in buckets international'

Monday 25 May 2020

Beauty in Bloom

Good morning just popping in before taking hubby to the airport, a week goes so quick and slow at the same time.... do you know what I mean?

Using A Touch of Spring by Studio 73 - sorry for a run of these - but I use what is on my desk till it completely gone!!!


Sunday 24 May 2020


Good morning a very quick pop in.... trying to get the balance of life .... remember it was my little word for the year so when hubby is home no scrapping !!!! Once again using Studio 73 A touch of Spring Collection


Saturday 23 May 2020

Happy Easter?

Good morning how are you? I have to say I am struggling with my mojo lately I think it might the weathers fault lol .... well at least thats what I am going to stick with lol. But I have decided to clear some of my Easter photo backlog and use the amazing Studio 73 A Touch of Spring Collection as it leans itself towards those type of photos.