Friday 31 January 2020

Here is trouble...

Hi, have you ever done something out of your comfort zone? This layout is mine, the colour combo was it for me.... I have never played with it and half way through thought this could be a hot mess, but I have to say I am very happy with the finished layout.

Have you ever had one of those combos? What was it? Did you love it?


Wednesday 29 January 2020

In my Heart

Hi, another double here today following on from the other days post - continuing on with day trip layout the other day. 

This time is about the photos and minimal embellishments just a couple of decorated tags is all that was needed to complete the pages. And some journalling that I will do after I share here.... as you know I keep that a secret for my family - cant share it all lol.

#29/365 & #30/365



Tuesday 28 January 2020

Young Wild and Free with Alexandra Renke

Good morning , how are you? I am here today to share with you a layout using the beyond, amazing Alexandra Renke Autumn collection featuring bold colours and this time dragonflies.

And of course fussy cutting!!!


Monday 27 January 2020

Your Smile .....

Good morning, how are you? I have noticed that I have sub consciously when this Papercrafting 365 that I am on a mission to use my stash and kill collections, even down to the last few pieces especially if you can make another layout ... like this one...


Saturday 25 January 2020

Favourite Destination

Nothing like a double layout to add to the tally. We often do day trips and that means a few photos, now I was setting out to Project Life them but I tend to take a silly amount of time creating PL pages and that then means they sit in the draw waiting for me to get a free moment..... 

So I decided rather than a later job I thought I would do a couple of layouts - pick a collection do them back and front on the papers and clear some of these day trip photos....

#25/365 & #26/365