Thursday 30 September 2021

Spooktacular with Dusty Attic

Good morning how are you? Is it time to knock off yet? No ? Only a few more days and I am away on retreat for Craft on the Run and its been over 3 years since I have been on retreat cause with hubby being fifo the schedule doesnt allow it, but by chance he is home when its on and I have to remember I have big kids home now, sorry young adults and I can leave them without any worries except the ones that creep in at stupid o'clock.... Am I the only one?

So to I am off to prep and figure out what to take without taking everything with me. But not before sharing another Creepy Crawly layout using the amazing Dusty Attic Halloween Chipboard.

The Skull template by far is my favourite, why not use a bit of paint and a sponge to create your own feature, embellishment..... and then with a little scalpel work around the eyes your ready to go...

Now to add some Creepy Crawlies, add some some gloss to give them a realistic look....

Need to show the details, add a little wax on your finger and build it up slowly to reveal all the little details.


Saturday 25 September 2021

Love you To the Moon and Back - with Dusty Attic

Good morning how are you? Do you find that seasons/ weather finds its way in your creating? I do and I am a huge fan of the wet, wild and windy winters.... I love walking on the beach when the wind is at full pelt.

So like my first post which was based on the beach, neutral tones of summer, this canvas was inspired by the wild, winter we have had in Western Australia.

Nothing like blending some industrial elements with the softness of some flowers and of course some key Dusty Attic Chipboard.

This canvas started out with some amazing hope and what got translated from my head into reality.... ohhhhhh where to start.

I wanted a moody piece instead of something bright, so I went against my normal colour combos.

Its one of those perseverance stories and I am happy I did, it nearly ended in the bin. I stuck everything down started adding colour and just couldnt get it right, thought why not just spray paint everything back to white.....

This is the time the wheels fell off.... the under colour didnt block it kept coming up over the spray paint.

Ok so clearly I have no choice is to embrace this... now I have huge white spots and denim blue colours... feeling like I cant stuff it up any more.... I add silver... this is when I am thinking about throwing it the bin.... 

We will see if a good night sleep will change my mind.

Once the colours have dried, a purple tone appeared, so why not go with the flow and add lilac to the palette.

This is when the winter, cold, icy tones started to work.... and this is when an accident became a stunning canvas. All it needs is to make it a bit more feminine, the Nunkea Moon was added.

The moon added to the curves of the cogs and added a softer feel, and all it needed was some lilac splattered on the white spray painted moon to tie it to the background.

To finish off a nice, crisp white title and the canvas is complete.

So while your creating just push through worst case spray it white and start again. 


Love you to the moon …

We would love to see your take on our moodboard.  Don’t forget to share your projects on our Facebook page. Why not enter the Mood Board challenge yourself? 

All you need to do is add your take of the challenge into the comments section on the Dusty FANattics Facebook page HERE for your chance to win one of two amazing $50 Credits to choose any. 

Good Luck and have fun creating.

Monday 20 September 2021

Craft on the Run Design Team Call


Too Cute To Spook - With Dusty Attic

Good morning not long till school holidays start here in Western Australia so, for me its about catching up on the blogging and scheduling so I can spend most of the holidays with sleep ins, late nights , pjs and creative days.... well thats the hope.

What will you be getting up to in the holidays?

So I am on a mission to keep up the good habit of blogging and I have another layout this time a hidden interactive one celebrating the things that go bump in the night with Dusty Attics Halloween release.

Ever seen a piece of chipboard that you knew instantly what you where going to do with it?
This was the piece - Cemetery Gates #2.

Dont you love these layered Halloweenies Chipboards? 
The things you can do with them has no limits.

I love an interactive layout, plenty of space for the photos, and for journaling which I will do before I put it away in the album, something private for the family, I share everything with you amazing followers I just got to keep something for me.


Till next time have a creative day
Rikki G

Saturday 18 September 2021

Blind Crop Reveal for Craft on the Run

 Good morning how are you? I am here to reveal what the Blind Crop instructions where based on this months Wild Wild West Cyber Crop for Craft on the Run.

A Reminder of what we where playing with

Till next time have creative day 
Rikki G

Friday 17 September 2021

A4 Journal Covid Diary - for Craft on the Run

Good morning how are you liking this months theme for Craft on the Run of  Project Life, A4, Diary style scrapbooking? I have to say its been fun to play in a different format compared to a 12x12 scrapbook page, there needs to be a thoughtful design before you get started- a more graphic style of scrapping.

Now for a little disclosure - if you zoom in you will see few curse words.... this is my little ranty, personal journey through the Covid Pandemic.... I decided that I was going to document the journey and is a silly thought it would be over in a year so I started to do some then left it and then realised I am now so far behind its not even funny !!! So now every week I am going to have a play and get into the journey of Covid and living with and through the pandemic.

So what are the advantages of doing a A4 style of scrapbook page? I started doing these layouts when my daughter wanted to scrap like mummy..... after the first 12x12 page I did with her I realised even with guidance that the urge for the 6 year old to put everything within eye sight on the page was to big to ignore.

By down sizing the page to A4 it soon became obvious that there was less room to fill up and less product was used to create a page and she was learning how to self edit.

Typing out journaling helps with the space saving and also helps if you dont like your hand writing.

Also using your Project Life Cards make great instant layers. Also all your left over ephemera bits and pieces add interest and clears your stash.

Got washi  tapes? Not sure when to use them? They are great on layouts like this one simple strip will allow you to add interest without the bulk and save you money on tape because its sticky and ready to go.

Add a little wood veneer to your layouts to add some interest. Want them to be really metallic? Use Alcohol inks , they come in 100s of colours and they dry instantly.... perfect when you want a quick layout.

Remember to have fun with your journaling - its a way to leave little bits of our personality behind. Remember the is on right or wrong when you are sharing your thoughts.

Hopefully you are inspired to get creating and with A4 Style pages.

Till next time, have a great creative day.

Rikki G