Tuesday, 24 March 2015

13@rts + Grungy = Happy

Good Morning Rikki here for another guest design team post and something a little masculine for those with boys in our lives. Lets face it there's nothing better than getting a little grungy when doing boy layouts.

To start with I grabbed the 13@rts Color Basic Yellow Amber/ Yellow Sand pattern paper, and I wanted to add a contrast with an additional pattern and colour. So I used the 13@rts Color Basic Square Mask, by tracing and cutting the squares out I had my contrast with the 13@rts Color Basic Black pattern paper, (wait till next month to see what I create with this cut out).

To start the background I adhered the Black Squares to the page using the 13@rts Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Gel Medium  once they are stuck a quick swipe of the 13@rt Ayeeda Gesso all over and its onto the fun grungy stuff!!!

From here is all about building your colours up starting with the 13@rts Ayeeda Ink - Orange, then adding a little of the 13@rts Ayeeda Ink - Bordeaux to add a little depth and richness.

At this stage I felt it needed another contrast colour and I didnt want it to be black as its for my son, when he was 5 years old, I wanted it to be a ''lighter'' grungy, so this is where the 13@rts Ayeeda Ink - Brown came into the colour scheme. And the brown also featured in the stamping of the background.

Have you seen the  Tekturka Chipboard "Color Basic-Words" by Olga Heldwein in store? Arent the perfect, especially when you mist it with the 13@rts Ayeeda Mist - Chalk Brown

Now its all about adding the photo and some layers  and then you have your layout.

13@rts Color Basic Yellow Amber/ Yellow Sand 
13@rts Color Basic Square Mask

So I hope I have inspired you this month, and dont forget to tune in next month for my final post as Guest Designer :(  to see what I create with the cut out.

Till next time, have a creative day.


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