Tuesday 26 April 2016


Hi how are you all this evening? I know, I dont normally post in the evening but I couldnt help myself, I am so excited beyond belief to be sharing with you I am participating in  Round 2 of the Kaisercraft DT Applications. 

I can tell you that for the last couple of weeks I have been going through a gaunlet of emotions, varying from pure excitement, giddiness and then somewhere between feeling intimidated, not worthy and petrified. But I can tell you I have come out of the other side of the roller coaster and I am beyond proud of my work and to say if I was lucky enough to join the team honoured wont even touch what I would be feeling. 

So wish me luck and good luck to the other 24 participants I am humbled to be sharing this experience with you all.

Now onto the fun stuff!!! To complete round 2 we have been given the stunning new Boho Dreams range, to complete one project. Now to say its stunning doesn't seem to do it justice ( to be honest I spent the first few days walking past it patting it and dreaming of all the things I could do with it). 

So after 100 ideas, I managed to narrow it down to one piece that I couldn't just go past, it was the inspiration to my layout. Whats not inspiring about that dream catcher?  

P2112 Daydreamer

Kaisercraft Products:
P2112 - Daydreamer
P2107- Feathers
P2111 - Wanderer
P2113 - Bohemian
SS315 - Boho Dreams Sticker Sheet
CT858 - Collectables
CB153 - Corrugated Sheets
F630 - Paper Blooms Iceberg
KM106 - Denim
KM107 - Peach
KM111- White

Enamel Dots
White Cardstock
Foam mount

What was my inspiration?

When I get my hands on a range, one of the first things I look for is something to fussy cut. I know I can hear the groans from here but I need you to believe me it is worth the effort to fussy cut, and it can be a great way to bring on mojo especially when you dont have any. I love to look at it like a puzzle that I get to piece together and create something that is unique. I usually am doing it in front of the television, I am not one for idle hands so fussy cutting is my zen out time. 

I started by removing the dream catcher from P2112 - Daydreamer. If your a beginner cut around the dream catcher and your ready to go......

For those who are feeling confident, trust me when  I say I did a really rough cut and didn't worry about getting into the feathers, as its best to keep it as a larger sheet especially if you are choosing to get into the details if your an intermediate scrapper.

Now because I love the detail in the dream catcher I started the process of cutting out details that I wanted to highlight, you at this time can do as much or as little as you like, a nice sharp scalpel will be your best friend. Also another thing to consider at this time is making sure your able to add foam mount. Repeat this step on some of the details on the feathers.  To create the holes I used my eyelet setter hole punch (small) which was an easy way to create the wholes.

The next step for both beginner and intermediate scrapper is to add your foam mount be very generous with this stage as you dont want it to collapse when you start adding your layers.  Now we move onto the background layer.....

I am not one for measurements to be honest, I picked the beautiful coral as my backing sheet from P2111 - Wanderer, trimmed it to leave me about an inch boarder around my white cardstock layer, the little cross boarders are from the bottom bar code strip, so dont throw any of them out.  Also I added 1/3 inch of the P2113 - Bohemian Wood grain along the side of the stitching to introduce another colour.

Now onto some more fussy cutting using the P2107- Feathers you will need at least three rows of the feathers to add into your dream catcher. Once you have cut them use foam mount and add feathers into the larger feathers on the Dream catcher. 

Once your happy with your feather clusters its time to get messy, using your KM106 - Denim
KM107 - Peach Kaisermist. 

To do this step mist your feathers lightly with some water and use a paint brush to paint your mist on, mop up the extra mist and water with a paper towel and leave it to dry naturally. Alternate your feather colours throughout the clusters. When your finished tap the extra mist all over layout to help tie in your background sheet to your dream catcher.

While your waiting for your Kaisermist to dry ( which wont take long at all) select at least three F630 - Paper Blooms Iceberg and mist them with KM111- White.

The flowers will need some time to dry, while this is happening its time to construct the rest of the layout, mount your photo onto some CB153 - Corrugated Sheets to add height between your dream catcher and your photo.

Repeat this step with your  CT858 - Collectables  so you can add them into a cluster with your flowers, once they are dry.

The next step is optional, but I love how the sewing stitches tie all your layers together, and its easy to do with your sewing machine. 

Then to finish off your background flick some of the Kaisermist KM111- White all over your layout and dream catcher. 

Once you are happy with that grab your SS315 - Boho Dreams Sticker Sheet and pick your title, I also cut up the arrow board strip to add arrows throughout my embellishment clusters. 

And there you have it your competed layout....

And there it is my entry to Kaisercraft 2016/17 Design Team ,  I hope you are inspired to grab this NEW Boho Dreams papers from your local scrap store. 

Thank you for stopping by and wishing me luck, till next time have a creative day.



  1. Well done! This layout is amazing!

  2. Good luck Rikki, LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!!
    The colours and layers are fabulous.

  3. Congratulations, this is just totally awesome!

  4. Fabulous Rikki! I think you aced it! !! Totally sensational and truly a work of art! Goodluck sweets xx

    1. Thank you Amanda and good luck to you too xxx

  5. WOW, what a stunning page Rikki - it's beautiful and your detail is amazing. All the best with your entry :)

  6. Wow, such an amazing layout with so many techniques. Wishing you all the best with your entry!

  7. Good luck. You'll do it. Beautiful! !!

  8. Good luck. You'll do it. Beautiful! !!

  9. Wow, what an amazing page!! Good luck :)

  10. This looks wonderful! Fabulous steps too! I hope you get on, I missed again this year so I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    1. Oh you just got to keep at it Lizzy, this is the furtherest I have got. Thank you for comment and support xxxx

  11. awesome work, fabulous step by step, crossing my fingers for you :)

  12. Awesomeness, loving your fussing cutting!!

  13. This looks stunning. Not only a dream catcher but an 'eye-catcher' as well! I wish you good luck!!

  14. Wow! Really love that you've fussy cut inside the Dream catcher - I too love fussy cutting!! Best of luck :) xx

  15. You did such a great job on it, so creative. Best of luck

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