Sunday 11 September 2011

Suffering the lack of mojo AGAIN..... how do I get past it?

Well after two weeks of wanting to scrap and heaps of new pretties ( and I do mean a heap)..... I still couldnt find my mojo but after forcing myself to just do a layout to get past this block I created up a storm yesterday a great effort of 8 layouts completed. 

So my question is for those who are reading, what its your trick in pushing past the lack of mojo? Mine was a suck it up just do a layout and music turned all the way up......

This layout "I Adore You" is based on #172 it was just what I needed to push through the block.

And a shout to Lovelybug Bits n Bobs; for all those little bits which I needed to complete this layout xxxx.

AC Cardstock, MME Alphabet Soup, MME Lost & Sticker,
Lovelybug Bits n Bobs.


  1. So lovely readers share how do you fix the lack of mojo? cant wait to get some tips and tricks.

  2. make my bits n bobs look SO pretty! Gorgeous LO Rikki! As far as the mojo goes, yep, a sketch is always a good starting point, but even before I try to make myself do anything actually scrappy, I find a good "clean-out" or "re-organisation" of my supplies gets me going again. (After I touch all my pretties...LOL) Either that or a good blog surf or my fave inspiration points or challenge blogs wroks too. I find challenges helpful, as i like to have some "restrictions" when I work as it gives me a starting point. Good luck! XXX

  3. Thanks Sue for the ideas and tips, I am currently designing new shelving for my area, just have to save for it lol..... so will have to just force myself to do some more challenges...