Thursday 12 May 2011

Joining the DARK SIDE......

The other day I attempted to sew on a layout, I did do it but that was after I tried to thread a bobbin.... I know what your thinking really, its just a bobbin ! Anyone who knows me, knows I don't sew, I do it all by hand ( I once made felt reindeer's for my sons class the whole 32 of them, all sewn by hand), if there's a layout that needs sewing, I do it by hand and takes a couple of days to complete it. I even left the machine in the box for 3 months because it looked to hard. So I thought I would join the dark side and do it by machine......

This should have been a simple task but it wasn't I was following the instructions, but it wasn't happening, my darling partner, decided that he knew how to do it, even though he has no idea about sew or a machine or anything related like that, well it ended at me yelling at him, yelling at the machine, wasting all this cotton and finally I got it to work. So I now love sewing with the machine.... I will share that layout soon, when it is complete.

However I do have one layout to share that is completed, another sketch from, # 72

AC Cardstock & Thickers, Swiss dot Cardstock, MLS mini alphas, ribbon


  1. Love your LO Rikki....the photo really stands out...gorgeous!!

  2. Sorry Rikki, but I am LMAO here about your tale with the sewing machine! I am only laughing coz I can TOTALLY relate to it though - my story was much the same as yours, only it involved my very OLD and BORROWED machine that doesnt even have an instruction manual available any more! LOL Can't wait to see how the LO came out! XXX

  3. Welcome to the dark side look forward to seeing the finished page and I love your Anzac day one...
    your blog is looking fab....I have a friend that has just started blogging (about the same time as you) she would love it if you hopped over and said hi you have a creative weekend...oxo

  4. Sue I am sure I will have more tales to tell with the sewing machine, cause the whole thing is beyond me. Lexie I tried the web address for your friends blog and it didnt work :(