Monday, 5 November 2012

Polly's Kits and Sawyers Place

So for something different for this post, I am a scrapper that loves to merge things together, this is one of those layouts, I have been subscribing to Polly's Scrap kits since I think about February this year and my thinking was why not get some new products every month and who doesn't like happy mail? and I thought if I ever had to go to a crop the kits where all done card stock and all the embellishments all I had to do was add photos.....

Now if you can see my shelf there are these beautiful kits and I haven't used them!!! well until now, if you can remember last month I went on a scrappy weekend away and these worked out so well..... but there was one thing that was missing, my washi!!!! but I will tell you a little trick rather than trying to figure out which Sawyer's Place washi to take, you need to go to BCF and grab a Shimano tackle tray, with the removable slots. They hold 20 washi tapes in a row and theres 4 rows so you don't have to decide what not to take.

Sawyers Place washi tape: Fern and Black& White Stripe,
Polly's Scrap kit February, Whimsy Twine,
Handmade Halo Brass Flower.

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