Wednesday 19 November 2014

Beyond The Page ???

OMG BEYOND THE PAGE, yes I know caps lock is on and it needs to be, the words scary me!!! And to make the horror worse it also has to include a picture of myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Once I got over the shock of what was being asked of me (its for the wall in Tomorrows Memories), it was a fun experience. I realized that it was more important that I start taking more photos of myself to avoid the rocking in the corner, if there are more pictures then this wouldnt cause me horrors.

Websters Ocean Melody pp's & Velleum, Crate Paper frames, D-lish Bow & Tulle,
 Drew Drops, AC Thickers.

So the process may have been terrifying but the results are worth it, and its a reminder to get out in front of my camera. 

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