Wednesday 30 December 2015

Planning Planners????????????

Good Morning I am here for Scrapping Clearly today with a planning a planner post. I am lost without my Kikki K planner it has my life - iterally in it. I know our phones have loads of app to keep track of our lives but I have to say that I am a little bit more old school when it comes to keeping track, there's just something about writing it down that helps me recall the information.

As I am new to the making planners pretty stuff (nothing about my Kikki K one is pretty eg with photos and washi etc), I will be sharing each month the things I have learnt, how my style will change throughout the year. So we will be learning together. 

So I will be keeping my Kikki K planner and also working with a beautiful Heidi Swapp planner...... the idea is that I will keep life stuff like bills due, blog post info in my Kikki K and using my Heidi Swapp one as a review/reflection of the family stuff that we did over that month, so by the end of the year I will have a mini album that will also assist in helping me remember the events of the year, as a reference to my normal layouts. 

So my start point was to gather some supplies that I think I will want to use throughout the planner, I know that I want to keep my planner quite flat on the inside, to keep the planner from over flowing. I also know I want to be able to add envelopes and pockets to store memorabilia throughout the year so its sorted and stored without a lot of work going into that process. 

Washi tape is a must, I find that with three kids all over the place and with school holidays its an easy to colour code these things without writing it all over the planner, it really saved me this year so I will be carrying it over to 2016.

The next thing will be about the pen!!!! I dont want it to bleed through, feather out, I want it to be nice and thin also. So for those who have done this before..... what are you using? What should I stay away from?

How cute are these Heidi Swapp Clear Cards ? - In store now!!!!

Heidi Swapp Hello Memory Planner 2015

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Clear Cards

You will be pleased to know that the rest of the Design Team will be doing the same with a number of different planners each month. So stay tuned to see what they create. 

Also to see how the first month goes for myself.

Till next time, have a creative day.


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