Sunday 19 March 2017


Good morning I am here today with my creative share for the month for Scrapmatts, and I have to say I am excited about sharing this today. About three month I decided that I would embark on a little task of creating an art journal (well maybe not too little I ended up with a massive A3 Art Journal). 

I have had other art journals I often use them as ''practice'' runs for new techniques/ ideas but beyond that point thats all they where used for.... 

So I definitely wanted to evolve this into something that was ''art'' and something for my children to flick through with positive affirmations, something that they could go to, to feel positive if they where having a bad day..... 


ST5019 Stencil Retro Squares

Another project that I am trying to encourage my children to journal and scrapbook sort of... they often dont like to sit down for a long period of time and work on anything .... my oldest hates writing, but its something that I want to encourage, my middle child is creative so this isnt a big process and my darling daughter is creative but at the stage of sticking everything on a page and of course it must have glitter..... 

So I decided to make a serious of ''travel'' journals out of some scrapbook paper, photocopy paper and a little help from my sewing machine.  These are the perfect size for them, and of course they need to be pretty too.

CB1229 Chains 02

Till next time have a creative day xxxxx

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  1. Love how you plan your art journal to work Rikki! This page is stunning! The travel journal looks pretty good too!