Monday, 10 April 2017

Easter - For Annas Craft Cupboard

Good morning how are you all? Can you believe it is April already? Myself no and I want to live in denial for a little while ..... But while I am trying to pretend the months away, I have had a ''OMG'' moment!!!

We have Easter coming up and I know that it happens every year I realised I have soooooooooooooooooooooo many Easter photos that I havent scrapped!!! I think I have figured out why.... Its the lack of Easter paper in my stash, I mean I have only ever had one range like from Kaisercraft about 10 years ago, mind you I have still have some of it left but how many Easters can you use it for, really?

Well please I since have fixed this problem with some introduction of new Easter Paper from Echo Park - Celebrate Easter Collection.

#47 /365

One of my go to techniques is to cut stripes for pattern papers and stick them to make a background this works especially well when you only have a few things left and you want to get the last out of your stash.

Echo Park Celebrate Easter Paper - Easter Celebrations
Echo Park Celebrate Easter - 12x12 Element Sticker Sheet

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