Sunday, 9 July 2017

Friends for Annas Craft Cupboard

Good morning how are you all?I I am here today sharing a very quick tutorial  for Annas Craft Cupboard on how to make your own travellers journal. I did this quick one for my daughter to start introducing here to scrapbooking on a smaller scale, shes nearly 7 and she has a just started to collect Beanie Boos.  

So during the holidays she will be starting this journey I will share over in the Annas Community Page when she completes a few pages so you can see her progress....

Step 1:

So cut a piece of pattern paper to the size of 22 cm long and 21.5 cm wide. Score the center line.

Step 2:

I have used A4 Copy paper for my inserts, I did ten sheets for this book , score a center line at 11 cms for all the pages and stack... Trim the extra off the end.

Step 3:

Use some clips to hold the pages....

Step 4:

Sew a little to the right of the center line with a larger stitch length than you normally would do....

Step 5:

Trim any pages to make them even with the cover now you can decorate....

Till next time have a creative day 

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