Saturday, 28 April 2018

Candy Land Cyber Crop - Bingo and Blind Crop Part 2

Its Annas Craft Cupboards 12th Birthday and we are celebrating with.....

To join us you need to be apart of the Annas Craft Community, from there you will get to the chance to join us for 12th Birthday Cyber Crop, kicking off with our second game of Bingo at 4pm (6pm East Coast time) Once your apart of the community you will see the Bingo list and you must pick 15 words - that list closes at 3.30pm (5.30 pm East Coast Time).

Followed by  a special double page blind crop spread over 2 nights. Part 2 take place Sat April 28th 5pm (7pm East Coast time) ..... for the first page this is what you will need....

Hope to see you all there.

Till next time......



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