Monday 17 December 2018

Time to get organised -

Good morning well more good afternoon.... how goes your holidays ? Day 4 here and I am so ready to knock off and just get some chill in my life and also update my poor neglected blog.... I have cut back on creating but have been spending the time on the computer backing up photos and organising them in the right files so I am ready to kick of the New Year all organised.

 I have manage to put the last 2 years worth of layouts in the right albums well minus 100 layouts as I need to buy more albums .... let me offer a word of advise date your work as you go!!!!  I spent a massive amount of time confirming dates.... and maybe dont leave putting layouts in the albums, as much as I wished a little fairy would do it for me it didnt leaving me with 500 layouts to organised.

I must say I did have a little helper.... thank you ET for helping me and the 100 times you pulled albums off and on shelves if it wasnt for you I would be still doing it.

So with this organising I found two layout that I completed last month and taught at WISE OLD OWL and I forgot to share..... sorry no close ups either just the layout ( cause I dont feel the urge to find them in there albums now for close ups).

After-all my days are closing on my #365 Layout at day tally....


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