Friday 24 May 2019

Amazing with Annas Craft Cupboard

Good morning how are you? I am here for the last post of the month for Annas Craft Cupboard ...... This is the last of the fussy cutting I promise.....

# 65/365

If your like me I am very happy with Alexandra Renke using some Eucalyptus in her work and that means its unique and perfect for Australian photos like my little friends here..... so with that in mind dont be afraid to cut it apart and only use one section of the design like one of the jugs and then build your layers around that key feature.

Dont be afraid to cut the circles from Alexandra Renke Wreaths in Circles and break them apart to use sections to fill out your clusters - they act as little arrows to draw your eye around the layout.

Annabelle Sketched Heart Black is the perfect little piece dont you think? 

Alexandra Renke paper – Eucalyptus In Enamel

$2.30 $1.84 inc. GST

Alexandra Renke paper – Wreaths In Circles

$2.30 $1.84 inc. GST

Annabelle Acrylic Embellishment Pack Sketched Heart Black

$7.48 inc. GST

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