Friday, 4 June 2021

Be You tiful

Well I dont know about you but I am feeling the lack of any motivation well maybe thats not the right thing, maybe its more I want to scrap, I have great intentions and then when I go to do it then theres nothing..... I am I broken.... for me I know if I dont use it I lose it so any ideas on how to find it I want to but I just dont know.

I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday last weekend and with that I managed to get to a weekend crop at Craft on the Run and I did manage a few layouts which is a start.... I have been playing with my cameo.... and its a real love hate relationship with it thats for sure when she works its amazing and when it doesnt I really want to through it out the window. 

But it decided to play along and I managed a few cuts which have made it to some layouts. So over the next week or two I will start being good and blog them to share. (Also that means I get to play with my Birthday present that Hubby spolit me with a Chromebook, so now I can sit in my comfy couch and type away).

Today I am sharing with you a cut out file using it with the combination of Mintay Glam Rock, and what a stunning collection this is I have had it sitting on my shelves for a couple of months, a sort of getting to know it type of thing, sometimes when you have a big bold collection like this its important to do that, figure out how to show case it without stuffing it up.


I knew I wanted a lust gold colour and none of my mists or ink hit the spot..... this is where the mica pigments come into play that are in alcohol inks, they leave a wonderful luster for sure.

Do you have embellishments that your not keen on the colour? Why not hit them with a little alcohol ink and change the way they are..... think of all the little embellishments you have in your stash, imagine what you could do with them !!!

So this is one of many new layouts created using cut files and I have to say that its starting to wake up the creative part of my brain and its getting things done so thats a start right?

Till next time, have a creative day.



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