Monday 26 July 2021

Under the Sea

 Good morning how are you all? Rikki here today with another nautical inspired piece this time its a canvas. Have you ever had the most perfect piece of chipboard in your stash, but you held onto it knowing that your wanted to do the ''perfect'' thing with it? 

I have, the 11'' Porthole has been that piece for me, it has sat with all the other chipboard pieces, wondering if its was its day to get used, well it doesnt have to wonder anymore.........

Like any work, it starts with a great base..... because it was an ocean theme the Scales stencil was the perfect touch to add interest to the background this will also allow all the colours to run and catch and it will act like little valleys for all the microbeads and extra embellishments later on.

Once the texture paste is dried add your colour to your background I used Lindy Stamp Gang Sprays and Magicals and I allowed to dry naturally so the pigment in these to settle and dry into the background, I find that when you heat them they come to the surface and can be too shiny ( I know, considering the amount of bling on it).

While its is drying its a great time to spray all your chipboard white with a spray can.

Now once things are dry add a silicone tape to the first part of the porthole, stick to the canvas, and then repeat the step with the door detail of the the porthole.

Now its just a matter of figure out where you want your elements to go, I did move things several times, and by taking photos it give you a little perspective on where gaps are, which is sometimes hard to see when your not working over the top of it all the time.

Once you stick all elements down its time to spray some colour all over, focusing on all the things your want blue first then onto your brighter oranges and earth tones.

For the background I added foil flakes then added water so the other colours from the canvas would sit above and dull the brightness.

So its all about textures and of course bling look at beads, microbeads, glass flakes and chucky glitters to give you a bumpy, lumpy effect.

If you over heat spray paint it tends to bubbly a little, just for safety reasons please do it in a well ventilated space.

So I hope this has inspired you to use your favourite pieces of chipboard rather than let them sit there.

Porthole 11″ (2 piece)


Jelly Fish

Chains – 4pc

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