Thursday 5 May 2022

My Love - Featuring Mintays Mamarazzi

 Hi, its been a moment hasn't it? Well I promise to make up for lost time, now that we are settled in OUR forever home, there's only a little bit of garden to establish now so its been a massive effort and that is where my mojo has hidden itself ..... to get the house settled in and functioning. Now its about finding my mojo in my new studio.

So with my often sporadic mojo at the moment, I have been creating and when I do its been about trying new things out.

As soon as I saw this amazing new papers from Mintay - Mamarazzi, I knew what I wanted to do.... I needed something interactive and new for me. I was inspired by the old pop up books and what is more interactive than that?


I hope you enjoy this layout let me know what you think.... should I try more pop up style pages?

Till next time have a creative day

Rikki G


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