Sunday 24 April 2011

Glitter can be for a boy !!!!

As the the title said glitter can be for boys...... Well this has been a discussion in my house with my partner for a many of years, I mean as long as it looks boyish of course !!!! I am yet to convince him of this, when he see these layouts, he really focuses on the photo and nothing else. But what are you going to do..... Share it with the world, till he sees the errors in his ways. 

MME Lost & Found paper, tag, stamps, brads, Ribbon.


  1. I don't use alot of glitter, but I love how you have used it- and it's not like it's pink!! I think the way you used it matures the page... does that make sense? Maybe its the colours. Love the bunting too.

  2. Thanks Krissie that makes all the sense in the world and it does mature the page...