Thursday 20 December 2012


Hmmmm, I have a heavy heart.....and need to use this post as a sounding board, to reflect and as some sort of comfort? maybe..... so sorry for bringing anyone down with this post.

This week for anyone who is a parent or who has young children in our lives it has been a tough one.....

With what has gone on in America last week (26 lost, beautiful adults and children) and especially here in Mandurah WA, last night/early this morning, just down the road where we as a family go crabbing a family lost there little two year old girl last night.......

It sits close to me as I have a two year old girl and wonder how would I cope going through this and what if....... the Mandurah community has made me proud to be apart of it as many we down there to search and to show support, as I scrapped this photo today it reminded me this is why I do what I do, to capture every little moment to try and preserve ever minute of everyday because life is precious.......

So I am taking a minute to remind myself of this, and as I put my children to bed tonight, I will count my blessings and give them an extra tight hug. I hope that to all those who have lost someone close that they find peace and know that your not alone in your pain.........

"One of a Kind"
Purple Pumpkin; Fabric Buttons, Flair Buttons, flower,
Resin washi, MME PP and Stickers, charm,
twine, AC tag.


  1. This is a very touching post...I also have two little girls and I would loose my mind if anything would happen to them!!!!! I am really sorry to hear this and I do feel blessed too!!! Beautiful layout Rikki and thanks for sharing your thoughts and work with us at PP!!!

  2. Your layout is just so beautiful as with your thoughts. I am with you on those thoughts . take care x

    1. Thankyou Elainec it was a hard post to try and communicate those feelings.

  3. Rikki I have two babies under 5 and I would be shattered if something happened to them, it is so sad, you have completed a beautiful layout and what a little cutie she is.