Friday, 14 February 2014

Feeling the love.... with Mixed Media

Happy Valentines Day.
I am here with another layout hopefully that will inspire you to get messy. This layout is also perfect for those little strips of paper you always seem to have lying around and if your like me you don't want to throw them out but then you feel guilty hoarding little bits.... Well feel guilty no more!!! I am going to show you how to use all the left over bits.
I am sure you are asking where the left overs are? They have been used to make my background.

How stunning are these flowers? The perfect finishing thing for my layout. Why not give your layout a feature with a stunning Manorhouse Flower or two.
RAZZLES - pink
Manorhouse Creations Razzles- Pink
Lotus - white
Manorhouse Creations Lotus - White
I hope that has inspired you if you do get arty please share a link in the comments over at the Molossi Blog. Stay tuned for next weeks Molossi post I promise you a lot of layering and fussy cutting and of course some stunning flowers.


  1. beautiful page! I love how you used the leftovers :)

  2. Absolutely awesome! I have a question though - how do you prevent your paper from warping? I've tried a couple of mixed media techniques on scrapbooking cardstock and ended up with ugly warped page. Thanks

    1. For this one they are glue to stick them down, then as I add the media I dry its equally alternating from the front to the back.... so that paper is shrinking at the same rate. Sometimes an iron can help. A good weave in the cardstock helps. And if all else fails you can then mount the layout on some cheap chipboard.. but I only do that if I need to photograph well. Hope that helps xxxxx

    2. Thanks a lot Rikki! I'll definitely try. The iron I tried and it did not do much for me.