Thursday, 14 January 2016

365 Layouts!!!!

Good morning, how are you? As I explained the other day in my Celebrate post I am doing a project 365 but instead of taking photos of themes, I am doing for layouts. This is in hope to catch up on a huge amount of photos, take are becoming an overwhelming thing in my studio. Its not as simple as stop taking photos , I really wish I could but I cant, I cant miss out on documenting our lives, afterall this is why we are in the hobby. 

I have somewhere over the years got wrapped up with all the pretty things and with that I focus way too much time on getting things perfect!!! And with that perfection it takes a huge amount of time to scrap just a singular layout. I am envious of those who can create a stunning layout in an 1 hr or under, I really need to ''perfect this''. 

This is not saying that I will only create with only my old stuff, that I don't care about the pretty, the new and gorgeous papers out there...... who you kidding?  Its fair to say that I have always had an addiction with paper, stationary and photos, this is something that's apart of my 36 years of living on the planet and to try and turn that off aint going to happen. So rather than try and do that I am going to embrace being more productive, more efficient and focus on the stories with the photos more.

So please join me on this journey, and if you are mention it in the comments I would love to see your journey, maybe we can push each other along when times get hard. At the end of the month I will give you my tally, by all means I might not do the 7 layouts in a week, but I am going to try. Considering I only decided to do this on the 6th January I am already behind lol.

Till next time have a Creative Day 



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