Thursday 18 August 2016


Good morning, how are you all? Hopefully healthy, the dreaded flu has hit our house starting with DH (who being a typical male is "FINE, I dont need to go to the Dr, its all good.....") and little Miss still with a cough that could hang around for a few weeks (ewhh) , myself I have tried to stay out of dodge but has started the niggles with a sore throat, aches etc, so have been having every home remedy that I can think of to ward this off, so if you have any suggestion leave me a comment. 

Luckily it hasn't effected my mojo or my ability to get creating some more video tutorials so I have another one to share today, this time going into the stash finding the last of the Crate Paper Notebook range. 


I hope you enjoyed this video, please let me know what you think or what you would like to see either here or You Tube comments.

Till next time, have a creative day. 



  1. I have heard "easeacold" is good but haven't tried it myself! Love this page Rikki!

  2. Terrific to see your creative process in action here!

  3. Rikki, magical to watch you work - the ease that you add your layers is breathtaking.

    ps. betadine for sore throats works best for me and before bed nuke lemonade in microwave cup for 1min then add 2 disprin - dont stir with teaspoon as goes everywhere (I use a chopstick). MOTH grandma used to grind a disprin in soup spoon, add honey and we used to suck that down as well. Hope your better soon.