Tuesday 30 August 2016

My Scrap Space

Good Morning, how are you all? 

I am here today sharing with you my Scrap room for Kaisercraft and omg you should do yourself a favour and check out the rest of the Kaisercraft Design teams creative space!!!!

So much better than a formal lounge room right?

I love this wall, its always changing with my favourite layouts, got to love Ikea and there frames.....

The newest addition my space this table used to hold my light box put now its where I get creative for my You Tube channel.

Mist, mist and more mist, my mixed media trolley is the best addition when I am working it wheels right next to me and it keeps the bottles off my table.

Organisation is the key for my creativity, everything needs a place and has to be functional and neat.

Yes that is a lot of decorative tape, I might just have a problem. But it looks so nice with its organised.

I love my stuff, I just dont want to see it, these boxes are the solution, but that doesnt mean they cant be organised right?

I hope you like my scrapping space, and dont forget to check out the rest of the team and there spaces.

Till next time have a creative day.



  1. Love it Rikki - a formal lounge room is soooo over rated ! This is much better ;-)

  2. What an amazing space! Looks great!

  3. Fantastic room. Thanks for showing it :)