Monday 2 July 2018

''Today'' with Alexandra Renke

Good morning how are you all? Busy, busy here with school holidays just kicking off here in Western Australia , but this is the best time to get creative in this house, as the kids need a rest and a recharge with Pajama days the norm... and with it being Winter whats better than that?

I am here today to share a layout using a stunning piece for Alexandra Renke papers and this time including the stunning fine cut dies!!!


The paper is stunning on its own with a touch of gold the trick I had when creating this layout was how to showcase it and add my own touches on it......  some mist and mini prills was the perfect way to add to the background.

The dies are amazing!!! They have such fine details which you just cant go past!!! They really do enhance the background, and they work so well in white creating a negative space on the detailed background.

Also adding some gauze to catch the mist and mini prills add another layer without taking away from the background.

Die 'Heart Ribbon'

Dies 'Magic blossom'

Dies 'Magic flower'

Designpaper 'Gold typo & flowers english'

Till next time have a creative day 

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