Tuesday 26 May 2020

Love this moment - with Alexandra Renke

Good morning how are you ? I cant believe we are at the end of the month !!! Even though the last couple of months feel like a blur..... and days blend into another. My birthday is in a couple of days and its my 40th, and I have to say its not how I envisioned my 40th to be but at least its memorable... 

Today I am sharing with you a layout using the amazing Alexandra Renke Floral Collection and I have to admit these papers have been in my collection for a while, just waiting on some perfect photos which I finally have. 

The pattern paper is amazing - you really dont need to do anything to it, just stick a photo and go. But wheres the fun in that? I love to chop it up and blend things together.... why dont you give it a go?


Design paper 'roses in glasses international'

Design paper 'rose flowers in buckets international'

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