Tuesday, 12 October 2021


 Good morning how are you? Yay schools back for the last term of the year, and this is the time when stuff gets hetic, between all the school stuff and the lead up to Christmas -yes I know too early to discuss it but I need to be working in advance as our build continues, it like living in a limbo, wanting to pack here but knowing that we dont need to, working ahead in scrapping commitments but trying to not explode my poor brain.... second guessing everything for the new house from paint colours or furniture choices or do I need another power point there?

So you can see where my poor brain is and imagine my lack of sleep.... but I have another 2 layouts for you using the odd and ends of Mintays Florabella, its all about finishing collections getting more photos on a page for albums........

ohhhhhhhh my albums have worked out to 7 packing boxes worth and I still havent got everything in the albums yet !!!!



Till next time have a creative day 
Rikki G

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