Friday, 8 September 2017

Spring Awakening - For Annas Craft Cupboard

Good morning how are you all? I am here with layout and video # 3 using the stunning new Collection by Alexandra Renke - Magic Flowers, for Annas Craft Cupboard.

Today we are going to be learning about 3d Matte Gel Medium....  This product has a few different purposes when we play with it in mixed media. It dries clear but has the dimension of texture paste. It can also act as a resist (like what I did the layout before with the embossing powder).

#121 /365

It can be use as a glue, especially if you are into the collage style mixed media. Its great to mix your mica powders, mica flakes, Prills, Glitter etc into it and add it to your page. You can use it through a stencil like you would with Texture Paste, you can also customise the colour with acrylic paint.

Alexandra Renke Magic Flowers Paper - Red Gold

Alexandra Renke Poppy Paper - Flower cards

Artquest Mini Prills - Coral See

The Dusty Attic - Embellishment - Floral Layers

Hope you enjoyed this installment, stay tuned for my final layout using the stunning Alexandra Renke Magic Flower Collection.

Till next time have a creative day.


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