Friday 17 September 2021

A4 Journal Covid Diary - for Craft on the Run

Good morning how are you liking this months theme for Craft on the Run of  Project Life, A4, Diary style scrapbooking? I have to say its been fun to play in a different format compared to a 12x12 scrapbook page, there needs to be a thoughtful design before you get started- a more graphic style of scrapping.

Now for a little disclosure - if you zoom in you will see few curse words.... this is my little ranty, personal journey through the Covid Pandemic.... I decided that I was going to document the journey and is a silly thought it would be over in a year so I started to do some then left it and then realised I am now so far behind its not even funny !!! So now every week I am going to have a play and get into the journey of Covid and living with and through the pandemic.

So what are the advantages of doing a A4 style of scrapbook page? I started doing these layouts when my daughter wanted to scrap like mummy..... after the first 12x12 page I did with her I realised even with guidance that the urge for the 6 year old to put everything within eye sight on the page was to big to ignore.

By down sizing the page to A4 it soon became obvious that there was less room to fill up and less product was used to create a page and she was learning how to self edit.

Typing out journaling helps with the space saving and also helps if you dont like your hand writing.

Also using your Project Life Cards make great instant layers. Also all your left over ephemera bits and pieces add interest and clears your stash.

Got washi  tapes? Not sure when to use them? They are great on layouts like this one simple strip will allow you to add interest without the bulk and save you money on tape because its sticky and ready to go.

Add a little wood veneer to your layouts to add some interest. Want them to be really metallic? Use Alcohol inks , they come in 100s of colours and they dry instantly.... perfect when you want a quick layout.

Remember to have fun with your journaling - its a way to leave little bits of our personality behind. Remember the is on right or wrong when you are sharing your thoughts.

Hopefully you are inspired to get creating and with A4 Style pages.

Till next time, have a great creative day.

Rikki G

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