Thursday 30 September 2021

Spooktacular with Dusty Attic

Good morning how are you? Is it time to knock off yet? No ? Only a few more days and I am away on retreat for Craft on the Run and its been over 3 years since I have been on retreat cause with hubby being fifo the schedule doesnt allow it, but by chance he is home when its on and I have to remember I have big kids home now, sorry young adults and I can leave them without any worries except the ones that creep in at stupid o'clock.... Am I the only one?

So to I am off to prep and figure out what to take without taking everything with me. But not before sharing another Creepy Crawly layout using the amazing Dusty Attic Halloween Chipboard.

The Skull template by far is my favourite, why not use a bit of paint and a sponge to create your own feature, embellishment..... and then with a little scalpel work around the eyes your ready to go...

Now to add some Creepy Crawlies, add some some gloss to give them a realistic look....

Need to show the details, add a little wax on your finger and build it up slowly to reveal all the little details.


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