Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sawyer's Place Sticky Paper

So its been a busy couple of weeks and I am a little bit sad that is nearly 2 weeks in the New Year and that means the kids will be going back to school soon ( I know what your thinking I am not one of those mummies love the school holidays, I love spending time with my kids and especially love the fact that I don't have to do school runs). So now that it has simmered down after the Christmas/ New Year rush I have some things to share with you from Sawyer's Place....

Sawyer's Place has been in creative overdrive over this holiday break, with alot of new editions.... starting with 2 new washi tapes, Rourke's Rounds and Sawyer's Place Sticky Paper.

I wanted to share how easy it is to create invitations with these new products, especially the sticky paper, just measure peel off the backing and stick it down and it is that easy....

Sawyers Place; Sticky paper Ophelia and Insanity Script,
Ophelia and insantity script washi taope, cardstock,
ribbon belt buckles and Dolies.

Sawyer's Place; Sticky paper; Opheila,
Cardstock, Ribbon and ribbon buckles.

Sawyer's Place Ophelia Damask sticky paper, Ribbon,
cardstock and ribbon belt buckles.

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