Saturday 29 October 2016

Shop and Crop - leftover layout

Good morning, I am here for the Shop and Crop today, and today is all about stash busting and how to use some of your older products with some new ones...... this is something I like to do from time to time, it works really well when your trying to be good and not spend.

Also its great because I have a tray on my desk which I keep some odds and ends like some bits left over from the Shop and Crop kits. So if your like me this is the layout for you.

I was given the Lindy's Stamp Gang - Little Lindy - Try Me Set - Tiffany's Blue set to try and as the months have gotten away from me I forgot about them , but I remember and they are really easy to use, I laid down my gold mist first allowed that to dry and then misted water directly on the page.... where I wanted the blue to go.

The Lindy's Stamp Gang powders are great to sprinkle directly onto the mist water , just sprinkle and your done.....

Dont forget to use your stencils, just trace around some objects with a lead pencil to add interest on your background, even scribble a circle before you stick your layers down.

Washi tape is another great thing to have handy, a simple grid really works on a plain background. 


Another handy hint is keep your pizza box that your kits /orders come in you can cut up the card and use them in between your layers to give yourself some dimension....

Direct Marshmallow Mixed Media Carstock

Lindy's Stamp Gang - Little Lindy - Try Me Set - Tiffany's Blue

12x12 Template - Triangles

So I hope I have inspired you to use some of your stash..... till next time have a creative day.

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